SERIAL No. 960-77-010
VOLTAGE: 220 Volt AC / 3 Phase / 65 Amps.

1. Replace worn link pins and bushings on trim station.
2. Replace cracked upper trim station platen.
3. Install five (5) moveable guards in oven area, form station area and trim station area (have all guards). Option: replace wire mesh with Lexan.
4. Install guard for oven at rear of machine (have basic guard).
5. Install two new cushion cylinders for index drive.
6. Install DC motor and controller for rotary micro switch control unit (have all parts).
7. Install oven pneumatic cylinder (needs new air cylinder).
8. Inspect and replace grease lines as required for on form and trim stations.
9. Install perforated sheet metal covers over high voltage terminals on upper and lower ovens (have covers).
10. Install film dancer roller bracket and cylinder (have bracket and cylinder).
11. Install sheet metal guards over pneumatic valving area at rear of machine (have guards).
12. Install new top far side Cal-Rod edge heating element.
13. Inspect and replace missing and defective Cal-Rod heating elements in top and bottom ovens.
14. Rebuild and install trim station pneumatic cylinder (needs rebuild kit).
15. Install two flow control valves for trim station pneumatic cylinder.
16. Install air eject directional solenoid valve (needs new valve).
17. Install approx. 1 foot of pin chain missing on far side transfer.

Note: New parts are required unless stated.

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