SURLYN film is heated and vacuum formed to make a product shaped cavity. The product is manually loaded into the formed cavity. The printed and coated die-cut card is folded over the product filled cavity and the film and card are radio frequency (R.F.) sealed. The film is then heat shrunk to encapsulate the product in the card.

Effective seal area up to five square inches at twenty cycles per minute.
Card magazine and load station (up to 10 in. wide card).
Product transfer / conveyor indexing assembly.
Heater station.
Vacuum form and manual product loading station.
Card folding station.
R.F. Generator and Sealing station (10 in. x 9 in. platen).
Heat shrink station. Sun Industries Mark II Slitter assembly.
Manuals and prints are available and supplied with this machine.

VOLTAGE: 220 Volts AC / 3 Phase / 60 Amps.

AIR PRESSURE: 80 P.S.I. at 20 C.F.M.

MACHINE DIMENSIONS: 17 ft.– 8 in. long x 26 in. wide x 58 in. high.

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